WhatsApp upcoming features: From contacts shortcut to multi-device support, search by date, and more

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WhatsApp upcoming features: From contacts shortcut to multi-device support, search by date, and more

WhatsApp has been working on adding new features to its platform and the Facebook-owned social messaging application revealed a host of new features last week. The new features will be arriving as stable updates to the Android and iOS platforms respectively in the coming days.

The messaging app has now received multi-device support – a functionality which has been in the works for some time now – to a redesigned menu in the iOS app. Here are all the features that are expected to arrive soon.

WhatsApp Upcoming Features:

  • Contacts Shortcut
    This new upcoming iOS feature will allow users to access their WhatsApp contacts when they share a link from another app. Also, a change in the profile picture will automatically get updated in the Share Sheet. The feature is currently available in WhatsApp beta for iOS version and on iOS 13.
  • Redesigned menu
    In iOS 13, when a message is long pressed, users will see a long menu with options like Star, Reply, Copy, Forward, Info and Delete. However, in the app version on iOS 12, the app brings together the Delete and Info option in the More section of the menu. The app is now working on bringing an iOS 13-like menu to the app which is operating on iOS 12.
  • Search by Date
    This is another iOS-based feature allowing users to search for a specific message by date. The feature will provide users with a date filter in the search bar when they search for a message. WABetaInfo reports that this feature is in the alpha stage of development.
  • Redesigned Storage Usage
    This feature is coming to the Android app where users will be able to view only forwarded files inside the app. WhatsApp will also show large files in a separate updated section. There is also a Sort button allowing users to sort through files based on Newest, Oldest and by Size.
  • Clear except for Starred
    This feature helps to delete all messages in a chat or the app while sans messages that starred by the user. This feature in the alpha stage and will roll out shortly.
  • Share Chat
    This feature will enable users to watch videos by ShareChat within the app just like YouTube videos within the platform. This feature will roll out soon for the Android-based app.
  • Search image on the web
    The feature will enable users to search for an image on the web when the image has been forwarded more than four times. Users will be able to search for an image on the web by just searching for it on Google. The feature is in development and will roll out soon on the Android and iOS apps.
  • New chat bubble colour
    The messaging platform is also reportedly planning to change the colour of the chat bubbles when viewed in dark mode – a lighter shade of green as compared to the one available right now.
  • Multi-device support
    WhatsApp has been long planning to bring multi-device support and now word has it that the company will be allowing users to browse their accounts from four different devices which have been connected to a similar Wi-Fi network.